Computerized Maintenance Management System  
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Customization Services

Our main purpose is to provide a solid foundation to align computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) functionality with the organization's maintenance practices and needs.

Virtually all CMMS provide the same basic tools. However, these capabilities can be applied in a number of ways affecting the ease of use and the type of organization best served. The goal of a selection process is to find the system that best matches how an organization operates.

cmmsPRO is a fully integrated systems contain modules or subsystems that are designed to work together. Individual modules may be directed at maintenance, work order management, inventory management, purchasing, or other areas. This type of system excels in its ease of use, seamless navigation, and data exchange between components or modules. For example, changing the status of a work order in the work management module causes an automatic parts reservation in the inventory module for parts needed on the work order

To make it seamlessly work with other IT implementations and deliver results as per your organization's maintenance practices and needs may require some level of customization.

At this ponit our customization services play a crucial role. It is important that the team understands the specific processes and needs and builds a solution over cmmsPRO to deliver an highly effective system.

Level of Customization required would solely depend on your organization?s maintenance practices and needs. cmmsPRO without any customization is a fully functional system. The customization services mainly ensures that cmmsPRO is tightly integrated with your present IT solutions and processes.